Bodybuilding FAQ Questions & Answers

How does Orange County Elite differ from other federations?
How do I find out about Orange County Elite competitions?
What Kind Of Competitions does Orange County Elite host?
What media coverage does Orange County Elite receive?
Are Competition Cross Overs Allowed?
What Does the term Category mean?
What does the term Class Mean?
What does the term Open mean?
What scoring procedure is used for the competition?
What is the accepted posing Attire?
What does the term Closed mean?
What Type Audio Do I need for my Routine?
What are all of the Bodybuilding Categories of Competition for Orange County Elite ?
Can the promoter make day of the contest Class modifications?
What Type Of Payment is Accepted for Registration?
Can I be disqualified?
What are the Competition Scoring Rules?
What is the Scoring Procedure of the Head Judge?
What are the optional poses?
What is the Scoring Procedure of the Scoring Judge?
What are the mandatory Comparative Poses?
What is the criteria for Physique?
What is the Body building Judging Criteria?
What are the Physique Bodybuilding Judging Procedures?
What will take place at the evening performance?
How are the trophies presented?
What is the Figure judging criteria?
What are the Figure Judging Procedures?
What is the Bikini Judging Criteria?
What is the appropriate attire for Bikini?
How should Bikini Walk the stage?
What is the Physique Judging Criteria?
What is the physique stage presentation routine?
What is the Comparison round for Physique?

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